Hello, my name is Lisa Andrews, and I am the chief editor of this website. I come from a family of tailors and sewers, and this trade was passed down to me by my mother, who has learned it from my grandmother and so on. Sewing and quilting use to be more popular when I started doing it over 40 years back. These days, young people think it’s just a waste of time and that it’s only for old people.

Whether you are young or old, if you share my passion for home sewing projects, you know how important your sewing machine is. Over the years I have tried out many different sewing machines, both mechanical and computerized. There are so many models available these days, choosing one can be a long and exhausting process. That’s why my team and I started doing reviews of the best sew machines in the lower and middle price range.

We tried to give you an objective review based on what we experienced while using them. We published reviews of the best sewing and quilting machines pointing out the pros and cons of each model. It doesn’t matter if you are new to sewing, or if you want to change a mechanical machine to a more advanced computerizes model, our reviews have the information you need to make the right choice when buying one of these machines.

We hope that the reviews helped you find out what you needed. Thank you for your time.