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Brother PE770 Review – Embroidery Machine

This embroidery-only machine is considered to be an affordable, user-friendly, and top-quality unit. The large embroidery area offers more than enough space for you to do the project you’ve had in mind. It also gives a lot of space for monogramming big items and allows combining designs with less hooping. This is a great unit for beginners as well as for professionals.

It also has a lot of built-in designs with various presets that can help you overcome some issues you encounter during your sewing session. The best thing about this machine is that your design options are almost unlimited due to PC connectivity and the ability to upload various designs. So, before you decide to purchase this machine, take a look at some of the features and specifications it has to offer and try to fine-tune your needs with the abilities of this particular machine.

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Best Ebrodiery Only Machine

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic threader
  • Great stitch quality
  • Purchased designed are easily downloaded
  • Affordable with a great price-to-quality ratio
  • The machine is finicky
  • Black and white display
  • You can’t upgrade the fonts on the machine
  • Machine doesn’t recognize when upper thread has come undone
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  • Built-in memory
  • 5 inches by 7 inches embroidery area
  • A gallery with six fonts and 136 pre-set designs
  • USB port
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Automatic thread cutter and needle threader
  • 650spm, compatible with iBrothery.com
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Features Explained

First of all, the built-in memory is a great feature to have. This will allow you to combine letters and even decorative stitches to create custom stitch sequences. You can personalize quote labels with letter and stitch combinations. You can program as many as forty stitch patterns and make unique home projects or put your special touch on accessories. The possibilities are endless with the built-in memory feature.

The embroidery area is relatively big, and it offers, as we said, more than enough room for you to fine-tune your design and make it look just the way you want. It’s crucial to have a relatively vast area to work with because you can edit and repair your project with much more ease within big embroidery areas.

Pre-set fonts and numerous designs help the beginners to get a hold of this machine. Although they’re all default designs, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth anything. In fact, there are a lot of interesting and complex designs you might be interested in. Although you can upload thousands of designs via USB, the default ones still stay relevant. The LCD touchscreen offers an easier way of setting up a particular pattern by clicking a few buttons instead of manually setting it up like it used to be with the older models. With the modern technology came great wonders, and the LCD screen is certainly one of them.

Automated thread cutting and needle threading is somewhat standard in new embroidery equipment, but it’s worth mentioning as it saves a lot of time and trouble, especially for the elderly citizens. The compatibility with the iBrothery.com offers you a chance to download as many custom designs as you want.

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This model is inexpensive regarding home use. However, don’t forget to include the additional software and extra hoops. If you take all of this into account, expect spending at least a couple of hundred dollars more to use the full potential of this particular machine. If you’re looking for a quick and versatile piece of sewing equipment, then don’t hesitate to purchase this one, you won’t regret your decision.

It’s just under six hundred dollars currently (and probably won’t rise) so it can be regarded as an affordable machine due to its many additional features. For this budget range, this is one of the best models you could find on the Internet at the moment. Brother is also well-known for their top quality of manufacture.

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