Janome 11706 Review – Sewing Machine For Kids

This is a great product for your kids, and it can also be a nice present for a birthday or as a motivation for someone who wants to sail into the sewing waters. It is a fully functioning 3/4 model, and it’s perfect for beginners, especially the Hello Kitty lovers. One of the best benefits of this machine is the portability and mobility. You can easily carry it around and install it wherever you want. Although it’s mostly for kids, adults can use it to learn the basics of sewing as well; there are no age restrictions involved.

We are going to refer to some features and accommodations it has to offer so you can get a better insight into the capabilities of this wonderful product. This said, if you’re planning on doing some more complex projects, you should probably consider purchasing one of the serious ones. This one is a semi-recreational piece of sewing equipment with Hello Kitty motives.

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8 Total Score
Best For Motivation

  • Lightweight design and high durability
  • Easy to use, excellent for beginners (especially children)
  • Stitch quality is smooth
  • Easy to install (turn on and go)
  • Custom (cute) design
  • Possible needle miss-alignment
  • No automatic speed control
  • Not suitable for bigger projects
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  • Nine stitches available
  • High presser foot lift
  • Maximum stitch width 5mm, maximum length 4mm
  • Stitch selection dial
  • Push-pull bobbin winder
  • Smaller model, perfect for beginners
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Features Explained

Nine stitches are more than enough for anyone who’s starting to learn the basics of sewing. By having more available stitches, you’re only confusing yourself instead of mastering a few critical ones at once.

This machine has a bobbin slot that’s easy to find and open, this is important because children have small fingers and often struggle with simple tasks like changing and managing the bobbin. It is also easy to install and wind up the bobbin, so your child won’t get demotivated and stressed because of it.

This machine also has a snap on presser feet that securely stays in place. Feet are an important aspect of every sewing machine. Some models have poorly made feet, and they fall off with the slightest touch. That flaw puts your child at great risk of injury. When sewing machines don’t meet the required safety regulations, they pose a serious threat.

Although this machine looks like a cute toy made specifically for children, don’t be fooled by its aesthetics, it packs some serious power and sewing capabilities that will get most mid-sized projects done without a single problem. Those who are already familiar with the sewing process will do great with this particular unit, but the ones without any experience also get a chance to enjoy the magic of sewing.

Having the Hello Kitty theme only raises the desire in potential clients. Gone are the times when sewing machines looked like a bulky pile of iron. With the modern designs nowadays, it’s much easier to motivate and stimulate your child. Show them a video representing the full capabilities of this particular sewing machine and try to turn on their imagination and artistic parts of their brains. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you read their letter addressed to Santa this year.

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This sewing machine is best for the beginners and kids. As we said, if you’re planning on doing some bigger projects, forget about doing them on this machine. It is a lightweight piece of equipment which is important due to mobility requirements with kids. In simpler words, you won’t have to drag a 30 pounds sewing machine when your kid wants to rearrange the room. If you’re ever in a dilemma for a Christmas or a birthday gift, this machine is a thing to consider gifting to somebody. Also, is there a little girl in this world that doesn’t love Hello Kitty?

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