Singer Futura XL-400 Review – Embroidery Machine

This piece of sewing and embroidery equipment suits almost anyone. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you’ll certainly find this sewing machine useful. It has many features to offer, and it meets most of the usual requirements of an average sewing enthusiast. Buying expensive sewing equipment isn’t an easy task; that’s why you should consider referring to this review when you decide to go shopping. You might find this information helpful and useful while purchasing this product.

We are going to evaluate the quality of this product, as well as overall usefulness.Also, we are going to pay attention to some of the valuable features this machine has to offer so that you can fine-tune your wishes with the capabilities of this unit. Even if you are not planning to buy this machine at this particular moment, knowing some basic capabilities of it can come in handy at some point in the future.

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7.5 Total Score
Best for Monograming

  • Excellent performance
  • Versatility
  • Large work area
  • Easy-to-follow software wizards and user manual
  • Durable, made of heavy-duty metal frame
  • Common software issues
  • Tends to skip stitches
  • Bad customer support
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  • 6 LED lights illuminating the work area
  • 3 in 1 machine (sewing, embroidery, quilting)
  • Large embroidery field
  • Independent bobbin winder
  • Automatic software and firmware updates
  • Excellent PC compatibility
  • Step-by-step operational tutorial
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Features Explained

The LED lights are a useful feature for dark work areas or people with photosensitivity. If you are used to working in a dark environment, this unit offers a great compromise. The LED lights do not reflect nor bounce from the work surface thus they don’t pose a threat to people with sensitive eyes. Also, by having these lights installed you get a better insight into the embroidery process as well.

The most notable thing about this machine is certainly the second thing we mentioned in the features menu, the 3 in 1 feature. Many different machines are either for sewing or embroidery specifically, so having one that does both is a winning lottery ticket. Whether you are planning to sew or do complex embroidery projects, it is all possible with this particular machine. Although it comes with a hefty price, it’s worth every penny. Once you buy this sewing machine, you’ll hardly plan on buying another one for at least a decade.

The large embroidery field allows you to supervise the project during the process swimmingly. The combination of LED lights and a large embroidery field results with an awe-worthy product in the end. This machine also has a SwiftSmart one-touch threading system that eases the process of threading. There is also a speed control lever which adjusts the sewing speed from slow to fast.

The software aspect is without flaws. It will download and install all the required firmware and software updates. Furthermore, you have the ability to transfer some of your personal designs from your PC to the machine via a USB cable. You will need to install additional software from a CD included with the product. It’s straightforward, and anyone can do it. You don’t need to have an advanced level of computer knowledge to set up this unit in a proper manner.

If you have any issues while you are setting up the unit, you can always refer to the manual that is included with the product.

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Although some people have reported peculiar issues with this machine, many other are quite happy with the features and the overall performance of this machine. If you’re planning a bigger project and you need a larger embroidery area, this machine might be the one you’re looking for. However, prepare your budget because it does not come cheap. Even though it’s expensive, it’s worth every penny. If your budget allows it, don’t hesitate, do it.

If you cannot handle computers, you might want to start with some basic things because this machine is highly PC dependent. It comes with pre-programmed designs, but to be able to edit and tweak your designs, you’re going to need some basic computer skills. Don’t worry; it’s nothing serious, though, many people get used to it in a matter of hours. All in all, if you have creative ideas lying around and you need a tool to bring them to life – consider buying this machine.

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